Complete Guide to Samurai Swords

Complete Guide to Samurai Swords

One of the most renowned swords in the whole world is the samurai sword. These are an epitome of brilliance and excellent craftsmanship. The samurai swords are of Japanese origin and people all over the world love to buy these swords. In the ancient times people used to have these swords for military operations and warfare. But in the present times these swords are highly used for sword training and martial arts. The samurai swords are distinctive in appearance and their performance is purely unmatchable. If you are thinking to buy a samurai sword then you have surely come to the right place. Here you will get the complete guidance related to samurai swords.

Here is the complete guidance about samurai swords

  • The history associated with samurai swords

Samurai swords were used by the samurais of ancient and feudal Japan and their first usage was seen in the Kamakura Period between 1185 up to 1333. Since then these swords have been used for various purposes. Many samurais used to keep more than one sword, usually in a pair form, and it was considered as a mark of social status and prestige. As time passed the usage of samurai swords was restricted to military and police officers. During the II World War the demand for samurai swords witnessed a massive rise and when the war was over, these swords were confiscated by the officials. In the modern times samurai swords are used for various kinds of training, performing arts and martial arts.

  • The various kinds of samurai swords

There are different types of samurai swords. The most popular one is katana. Katana is known worldwide for its distinct appearance. It is curved in shape and supports a single edged blade. There is a circular or squared guard for this sword and the long grip facilitates accommodation of two hands at the same time. Apart from Katana there are many other samurai swords as well. Some of the popular varieties are like Tachi, Wakizashi, Odachi, Shin Gunto, Tanto, Uchigatana, Chokutu etc. Many samurais used to keep katana as the main sword and its pairing was done with the other sword. The size and features of each samurai sword are different from each other. Thus, before buying any samurai sword you should have a clear idea that which sword you would like for your customized needs. Generally katana, tachi etc. are the longer swords and tanto, wakizashi etc are smaller in length.

  • How these swords are made?

Samurai swords are made with very good quality steel and the process of forging and construction is highly detailed. Only a trained sword smith can produce the finest quality samurai swords. All the impurities are removed from steel so that a very sharp and fine blade can be obtained. The carbon concentration at different layer of steel is different. It is also very important that the curvature and balance of the sword is accurate. Once the sword is made then it may take weeks for its polishing and final detailing. Thus a samurai sword is a masterpiece in itself and having one of these swords is a matter of pride. These are the best for martial arts and if you have never owned a samurai sword before then it’s the right time to buy it.

  • How to maintain these swords?

Just buying a great samurai sword is not enough. If you want that it should last really long then you should learn how to take its proper care. When you are not using the sword then keep it in its case or box. By this method it will be protected from all sorts of damages. Another thing is that you should polish, oil and powder the sword from time to time. These things are necessary because samurai swords are made out of steel and if you will not take proper care of these swords then rust will settle in. Thus, for maintaining the longevity and smooth performance of samurai swords it is highly essential to maintain them in the right manner.

  • Which is the best place to buy these swords?

It may get very difficult for you to find a skilled sword smith that manufactures these swords. But you can always get the authentic samurai sword from the online platform. There are many credible companies that are selling branded products in this segment. You just have to select the sword you like and place the order for the same. You can always read customer reviews and exact specification of the sword before buying. It will give you an idea that which is the best option among all. The rates for samurai swords are very reasonable on the online platform and the reason is that there is no involvement of intermediaries in the process. You can make the payment in a hassle free manner and the finest sword will reach your doorstep in perfect packaging and before the promised deadline.

Some genuine suggestions

Samurai swords are truly praiseworthy. These are the finest options in the segment of swords. Their cutting ability is phenomenal and you can strike out the opponent in a fraction of seconds using these swords. These have been used since ages and are loved in the 21st century as well. For martial arts training these are highly recommended. The steel blades used in samurai swords are known for their sharpness and for close combat warfare these are the perfect weapons.

If you love collecting swords or are involved in any kind of training that requires swords, then samurai swords are simply the best. Having a samurai sword is a great feeling and you will feel extremely proud to own one. Stay away from the fake sources that sell unauthentic samurai swords at exaggerated prices. Always check the credibility of medium you are choosing to opt for example Once you are satisfied with the credibility of the source then only place the order for samurai sword. Thus, without wasting any more time get the best samurai sword for yourself and it is a great gifting item to friends and relatives if they are sword lover.

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